One Month Plan | Intense Follow Along Workout | Day 1

Fitness Workout
Own the full One Month Athlete and Nutrition Plan –

Day 1 includes a fitness test followed by an intuitive bodyweight workout. Attempt only if cleared for intense exercise, and always practice good form.
The first workout video will be uploaded tomorrow at 4am here!

What is thee One Month Plan?
An intensive IN HOME exercise program (no fancy equipment required) that will propel our athletic performance to the next next level. Jump higher, run faster, be stronger, get leaner, healthier, better.

The One Month Plan Includes:
– A full written out exercise program with detailed information.
– A full nutrition plan including what to eat, how much to eat, when to eat, lists of all natural (legal) performance enhancing supplements, hacks, and much more.
– Access to my email for any answers to questions you may have
-Bonus videos on nutrition, performance technique, recovery hacks and more!

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