Fast Morning Exercises for Full Body

Quick Fitness Workout
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Which exercise is best in morning?
Is it good to exercise morning?
Are 10 minute morning workouts effective?

0:00 Ankle Flexion
0:55 Plantar Flexion
1:45 Hip Extension
2:35 Hip Flexion
3:25 Lateral Flexion
4:15 Bend Forward
5:05 Lumbar Extension
5:55 Hip Adduction
6:45 Leg Circle
7:36 Knee Raise
8:26 Neck Stretch
9:16 Wrist Circles
10:07 Arms Air Lateral Raises
10:56 Arm Circles
11:46 Alternate Arms Circling
12:36 Seated Stretch
13:26 Hip Stretch
14:16 Rest

What are 5 warm-up exercises?
What are some simple warm-up exercises?
What are full body warm-up exercises?


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