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In this video, I show a full week workout plan for distance running, specifically training for a 5k. This isn’t necessarily a 5k training plan (because the ideal training will look different for everyone), but this is what I’m doing to prepare for Carlsbad 5k. That includes strength training for runners, cross training, stationary bike workouts, ski mo, long distance running, and more. This was my first time backcountry skiing, and it was incredible. I think the video does a good job of capturing my utter joy as I ski through the Snoqualmie wilderness ahhhh so good!! #AllieOstrander #NNormal #TheAthleteSpecial

00:00-02:32 Intro and Monday: bike, run, lift
02:32-03:46 Tuesday: bike workout & core
03:46-05:11 Wednesday: run workout & lift
05:11-07:35 Thursday: bike, run, walk
07:35-08:40 Friday: track workout, bike, lift
08:40-09:40 Saturday: hike
09:40-13:15 Sunday: ski mo and outro

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