10 Minute Real-Time Resistance Band Workout – Do It Anywhere!

Quick Fitness Workout
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In this workout we are hitting a 10 minute real-time resistance band workout. What I love about resistance band workouts is that you can literally do them anywhere.

Whether you’re at home , the gym or like myself when I head on holiday I always bring my resistance bands with me, light , compact , easy to carry and can give you a killer workout right from your hotel room.

With the amount of exercises you can do with them and how versatile they are , the value for money is just insane

I highly recommend these Resistance band sets you can pick up from Amazon

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Get the best results from your training efforts with the right nutrition. I get asked often via comments, private message and email what supplements I take if any. For muscle recovery after a workout and If i’m not getting enough protein from my diet on the day I like to take a protein shake. Highly recommended for those asking 🙂

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Give the workout a try and see how you get on

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