Middle Splits Workout for MEN

Fitness Workout for Men
Strengthen your groin area with this workout designed for men (or women) that aren’t naturally flexible. LIKE I WAS!
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The middle splits (or side splits) is an awesome skill. Many adults believe it is unreachable. With a smart and consistent approach along with the correct exercises, you can make HUGE progress within a year, within months! I feel many men shy away from this skill because flexibility isn’t manly but strong/mobile adductors (groin area) is going to help reduce injury and increase longevity in movement, it is worth pursuing!

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Height: 178cm / 5ft 10in
Weight: 80kg / 176lbs
I’m Tyson, I live in Australia and make functional training videos with my sense of humour violently shoved in.
My background is in Olympic weightlifting (2014 State Champion 85kg division) and Gymnastics Strength Training (Guinness World Record for Highest Standing Backflip and Accredited Gymnastics Coach).
The overriding value across my content is to place a high value on our bodies and their development by enjoying the process of learning new skills that increase its worth and enhance your experiences. I also guarantee you will say WTF (out loud) to at least ten videos on my channel.

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