WHAT I EAT for Optimal Recovery || Pre & Post Workout Meals + Workout with Me

Workout Meals
What are your favourite things to eat Pre and Post workout?!


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In this video I used the Raw Magic Hot Chocolate and the Vanilla Perform Protein Powder 🙂


High Protein Chocolate Sauce
1 tbsp cacao powder
2 tsp VivoLife protein powder
pinch of stevia or 2 tsp maple syrup
enough almond milk to create a sauce

FULL BODY WORKOUT – This Workout is Sped up AKA not in real time AKA please slow down the movements in real life:)

1. Thrusters 25kg 4×10

2. Goblet squats 20kg 3×10
SS R.D.L 20kg 3×10

3.Kettlebell swings 20kg 4×10
SS Kettlebell deadlifts 20kg 4×10

4. Squat Toss 5kg medicine ball 4×10
SS ball throws 4×10

5. Bicep curls 10kg 3×10
SS Front raises 10kg 3×10
SS side raises 5kg dumbbells 3×10

Chocolate Baked oats
40g oats (or 20g oats + 20g oat bran)
15g VivoLife Protein Powder
10g cacao powder
150ml almond milk
1/2 tsp baking powder
1.mix all together and place in a greased oven-proof dish or ramekin.
2. bake for approx. 18 mins
3.transfer to a bowl and serve with your favourite toppings! I recommend your favourite dairy free yogurt and fruit!


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