The BEST Workout Program for an Endomorph

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What is the best workout plan for an endomorph to follow?

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Is there a special workout for endomorph’s, and a special workout for ectomorph’s, and another special workout for mesomorph’s?

The truth is that there isn’t one “Best Workout Program” based on your body type. You should choose your workout programs based on your fitness level.

For a beginner you need to follow a basic program that’s simple to perform, something that’s not too intense, and that will allow you to gradually build up to the rigors of weight training.

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As you progress beyond the basic beginner program you can move into a more demanding bodybuilding split routine that will provide more training intensity and a bigger workload.

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When you plateau with the intermediate workout routine you can move on to more advanced bodybuilding workout programs. There are literally hundreds of potential programs that you could follow. But here are some good ones that you can use…


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To get more advanced workout programs you should sign up for the Total Fitness Bodybuilding Inner Circle Coaching Club. As a member you’ll get access to the workout of the month program. Each month you’ll get a new training program that builds on the progress that you’ve made from the previous month’s program.

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