Quick 5 Minute Home Workout For Men Over 40

Fitness Workout for Men
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Hey, guys, Toby here today to show you a quick 5-minute home workout for men over 40. This is a great workout to start doing at home if you don’t have a gym membership, when you don’t have time to go to the gym, or when you’re traveling and don’t have any gym access.

It’s only 5-minutes too, guys, so all you need is a timer for this workout – no excuses for you not to get going.

Here is the routine breakdown:

You’ll be doing 30-second intervals of:

#1 – Step-back lunges: These are great for developing a strong core as well as doing that HIIT cardio – make sure to drive your knees up as high as you can, then stepping back and dropping the knee as close to the ground as you can – don’t drop and smash your knees down.

#2 – Plank: Hold the pose and keep your core engaged for 30 seconds. Make fists with your hands and have your elbows and forearms touching the ground to keep you up. Remember to have a straight back and your core tight the whole time.

#3 – Knee-to-elbow-crunches: Do NOT put your hands behind your head to pull yourself up – this is a core workout so use the core. Keep only your fingers touching the side of your head and as you crunch up to your knees bring the elbows in to touch them together.

This is going to be a fantastic workout to work your core and incorporates some HIIT cardio – that’s high-intensity interval training for you guys that don’t know. This kind of cardio is A LOT more effective than hopping on the treadmill for 20+ minutes at a time. Like I said, 5 minutes for this workout and that’s it!

So, you’ll do these workouts back-to-back with no rest until the round is over – wait 30 seconds, then hit it again. To complete the workout, you will do 3 rounds total.

See, wasn’t that quick? There is always time for a quick workout, remember: no excuses.

Thanks for tuning in everybody – make sure to leave your questions and comments below so we can keep cranking out more videos and tips for you.

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