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Get the Basics…
  • Fitness business management software, like, provides a helpful solution to manage all aspects of your gym, fitness facility, clinic, or health club and makes your life easier.
  • The software does require an investment, but the payback in time saved and additional revenue is well worth the investment.
  • provides the features needed to successfully manage a fitness or health business.
  • Facilities that specialize in health clubs, gyms, sports performance, personal training businesses, boutique fitness studios, or physical therapy clinics will find the features of helpful in maximizing their potential.

Every fitness facility, health club, personal training business, gym, or clinic should have some type of management software to manage the facility, classes, and members efficiently. One system can provide the tools needed to manage members, process payments, maintain classes/calendars, manage employees, and assist with administrative functions.

Ultimately, fitness business management software helps you deliver an excellent customer service experience, which impacts the success of your business. There are numerous software options available for fitness businesses to choose from in this competitive and saturated software market. It’s important to choose the one that fits your budget but also offers all the features you need and will use on a daily basis.

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Overview of Features

Fitness Business Management

All fitness businesses need management features to successfully organize and manage all administrative options. Using an all-in-one software makes it easy to have all of these features in one location, rather than in multiple programs or locations. Calendars and booking, payment processing, and increasing efficiency and revenue are important features your software should contain. has useful options for managers including calendar and scheduling management, payment processing, membership management, and custom-branded apps. Growing your business by adding and onboarding new clients is much easier with a fitness business software like

Clients can book classes and services, pay for classes or services, set up automatic payments, and manage all of this from the easy-to-use mobile app. No need for trainers to have separate personal trainer software for their workout and fitness needs. has a number of useful features for personal trainers and fitness professionals.

– Calendars and Booking

Managers and staff can manage classes and services to make scheduling easy. With, clients and members can view updated calendars, book classes, appointments, or services, manage these classes, appointments, or services, and make payments, all through the online dashboard or mobile app.

– Accepting Payments Securely and Easily uses integrations with companies like Stripe to access and process payments safely and efficiently. Payments can be accepted from clients via the mobile app, dashboard, or also in-person for staff to enter.

– Increase Business Efficiency and Revenue

Having all of these options within one software means less administrative time to manually post and edit schedules online and manually enter payment information. This frees up staff to interact with clients, improve marketing efforts, or focus efforts on increasing membership.

Custom-Branded Web and Smartphone Apps

The option to have customized web dashboard and smartphone mobile apps is a great feature that should be included with your all-in-one fitness business management software. Your web dashboard and mobile apps should be useful to management, staff, trainers, clients, and members with options for automation, integration, and vital security features. offers full customization, not just your logos and colors, but also the ability to match your logo, text, and color scheme to your current brand for consistency. The dashboard and mobile app allow for automated functions, security and privacy, and integration.

– Automation

Automated functions are helpful to save time and deliver workouts, videos, or files on-demand, once automatically, or on an automatic schedule. This a great time saver for management, staff, and personal trainers.

For example, you have a client who would like to set up training sessions with you three times a week but travels for their job every week. This client has access to a hotel gym when traveling, so you decide to meet with them once a week on the weekend, but then automate the delivery of workouts twice a week to the mobile app. You can attach workout videos or other files as part of this workout delivery so the client can complete and log those workouts from the hotel gym. also allows the option to set up automated emails or text messages. Want to remind current members of an upcoming promotion? You can set this up ahead of time so no concern with forgetting to do it in advance of the promotion.

– Security Features

When using a fitness business management software, you want assurance that the data from your business and your client’s personal information and payment information is safe and secure. is SSL secure, has a privacy shield framework, and uses Google cloud to keep your data and your client’s data secure.

– Fully Customized

The ability to customize your features, web dashboard, and mobile apps is critical. Managers and staff need easy access to the functions they will use the most and the ability to customize some of those features. Users and members want to easily find your mobile app in the app store and see colors, logos, and graphics that match your brand. offers you all this, and more, including custom dev work. There is also the option of custom performance health assessment software, which allows trainers to collect data about your clients that will help inform their workout program. This information can be shared easily with members and clients to keep them motivated in reaching their health and fitness goals.

Trainers can also customize the exercise library. If they have exercises they use frequently, like bodyweight squats, push-ups, or planks, they can set these up to find quickly and easily. It’s also easy to embed videos in the exercise library and workout creator.

– Integrations and Add-ons

Integrations and add-ons make it easy to have access to additional features or services that help your business run smoothly. Marketing features, payment processing software, and other platforms are accessible at the touch of your fingertips.

Zapier makes it easy to connect with thousands of web apps. Payment processing software like Stripe can also be integrated to keep everything in one location and you do not need to have multiple software or platforms to access.

Do your trainers use a lot of YouTube videos? makes it easy to integrate YouTube right into your dashboard or mobile app. Need to use some additional marketing features? integrates ConstantContact, MailChimp, or other platforms that will improve your marketing efforts.

Workout Creation and Delivery

– Deliver Workouts for Any Scenario

Personal trainers and strength and conditioning staff should have the ability to develop and deliver workouts for any type of athlete or exercise enthusiast with an extra trainer software. Workout creation and delivery can be used for face-to-face clients, traveling exercisers/athletes, online clients, or hybrid clients (a mixture of face-to-face and online). offers all that and more. Members can set up fitness goals, view workouts, and log workouts right from the mobile app on their phone. No more carrying around printed copies of workout programs.

One great way to optimize an additional source of revenue is by selling workouts online. If this is an area that your personal trainers have not expanded into, gives you the options needed to be successful with online personal training.

– Customized Workout Design and Library

Personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, physical therapists, and group fitness instructors will benefit from a workout plan creator. This enables professionals to design effective workouts and fitness programs for a variety of clients that can be delivered easily.

Fitness professionals can customize workout options like intervals, alternates, or blocks to customize the workouts to help meet the fitness and sports goals for all clients with No more paper workout plans or logbooks to view and track workouts.

Professionals can also customize the exercise library, add personal descriptions, and integrate videos into the platform. Exercise enthusiasts, clients, members, and athletes can view the workouts, videos, and files right from their mobile app.

Automated Delivery

Automated delivery makes it easy to set up files, documents, plans, or workouts to be delivered straight to clients on a specified schedule. Trainers and fitness staff can set this up once a week, once a month, or on their schedule and then the software does the hard work to send it all out to clients.

This a huge time saver and makes sending out numerous files more efficient and manageable. allows delivery of workout plans, workout files like pdf documents or exercise videos, nutrition plans, and more to clients.

Grow and manage your fitness business better with

E-Commerce/Point of Sale

E-commerce and point of sale offer a way to increase revenue without just selling more memberships. You can sell single, weekly, or monthly custom workout plans, a workout of the day, or individualized personal training plans.

Here are some examples of users who have successful e-commerce options in place:

  • AMPD Performance (gym to athletes) sells single workout plans and delivers custom programming.
  • PJF Performance (gym for professional athletes) sells single workout plans and delivers automated monthly programming.
  • Barbell Physio offers a database of workout plans for a membership fee.
  • Madeline Moves offers a workout of the day membership and runs workout challenges.
  • Dean Somerset offers individual personal training programming.

The options are endless to increase your revenue while engaging with clients and providing a valuable and convenient solution for them.

Performance Assessments

Performance fitness/health assessments are useful for personal trainers and fitness staff for a number of reasons:

  • To gather baseline information about a client.
  • To develop an effective fitness program based on their goals and assessment results.
  • To re-assess clients to see how they are progressing toward their health and fitness goals.
  • To celebrate successes with clients.

If trainers are not using assessments with clients, they are missing out on a great opportunity to motivate, engage, and retain clients. Assessment data can also be shared with clients for them to view right from the mobile app or web dashboard.

Performance assessments should go beyond height, weight, and other biometric measurements. allows you to customize the assessments that you use with clients. You can add assessments for cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular fitness, flexibility, balance, or body composition right into the software.

Assessment data can be shared with clients to see areas where they can improve with After the baseline assessments are completed, clients can see their progress and stay motivated to reach their goals. for Health Clubs

Fitness business software is helpful for health club staff and managers because it’s easy to manage class schedules and calendars for trainers or group exercise classes, manage appointments like massages, and e-commerce and point-of-sale options like apparel, water bottles, or even food/beverages.

Personal trainers will find software like useful because they can create and share workouts for clients, collect fitness assessment data, and share videos or files with clients. for Gyms

Larger gyms and fitness centers will find helps with the management of numerous administrative tasks and functions. Class schedule and class management, trainer schedules management, member check-ins, and payment processing are included as just a few of the available options of

Trainers and fitness professionals can use to work with their clients. Clients and members can book group fitness classes, schedule sessions with their personal trainer, and view and log workouts from the mobile app. They can also set up automatic payment and notifications/reminders for upcoming classes or training sessions. for Sports Performance Facilities offers numerous options for sports performance facilities, including automatic workout delivery for face-to-face clients and traveling athletes, delivery of files like nutrition plans or performance health assessment data, and workout challenges to build motivation and morale. for Personal Training Businesses

For those who own personal training businesses, smaller fitness studios, or are working as independent contractors, business management can take a lot of your time. Why not implement an all-in-one software, like, that takes many of the administrative tasks off your plate? With this extra time, you can work on marketing efforts or focusing your time on working directly with clients.

You can post your schedules for clients to book personal training sessions, buy individual sessions, purchase packages, or even sell online personal training packages. You can also send workouts directly to clients that travel for work or would like to workout from home. Workout delivery can be sent on-demand or set up for automatic delivery.

Nutrition plans, videos, health/performance assessment data, and other documents can also easily be shared with clients. Clients can easily book sessions according to their availability, manage those appointments, pay directly from the mobile app, view workouts, view workout videos, or set up reminders and notifications. can make life easier for you and your clients.

The team is amazing, and their all-in-one software is more than we ever expected! All of this is made possible by a high-quality team.

Mike Boyle

Co-Founder, Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning for Boutique Fitness Studios

Boutique fitness studios are all the rage right now. Staff and managers can manage calendars and class schedules, engage with members via social media, process payments, and track information for workout challenges.

Members can book and manage classes, set up reminders for upcoming classes, purchase sessions or packages, view workout summaries, or set up automatic payment options. makes it easy for boutique studios to keep up with current technology and trends to keep their studio growing and thriving. for Physical Therapy Clinics

Physical therapy clinics have a great opportunity to use fitness business management software to help manage their facility operations. Staff and managers can set up schedules and set availability for physical therapists, assistants, or other therapists that might come in as needed, like occupational therapists or exercise physiologists.

Physical therapists can share exercise or flexibility videos directly with clients to use outside of the clinic. Let’s say you recommend a client to participate in yoga once a week. You could send the YouTube link for Yoga with Adrienne straight to their mobile app once a week on Tuesday so they remember to do the yoga video that day.

Clients can book appointments with their therapists straight from the dashboard or mobile app. They can also view flexibility exercises or exercise videos to do on their own outside of the clinic. provides features to meet all of these needs.

Why Do I Need Gym Management Software?

If you are wondering why you need a fitness business or gym management software, you are not alone. The software you choose should be a one-stop-shop to make your life easier by helping make administrative tasks easy and efficient. This frees up time for you to work directly with members and clients and less time coordinating tasks that could be done for you.

Let’s face it, clients and members are busy people, too. They want the easiest way to schedule, manage, and pay for classes, appointments, or services without a lot of extra time or work from a mobile app or web-based solution.

Customers want a memorable customer service experience. If they aren’t getting it from your business, they will seek other options. also provides many e-commerce opportunities to increase your revenue without increasing your workload. For example, Madeline Moves offers workout challenges, which is a great opportunity to engage and retain current clients but also add new clients. is a win-win for everyone.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Gym Management Software

First, consider what features are more useful or most important for your business and your budget. Keep in mind current trends in fitness, like social media, mobile apps, workout videos, streaming workouts, and online personal training. Are there any ideas you could capitalize on with a new software investment?

Next, consider the benefits of using this software. With many administrative tasks off your to-do list and the ability to set up automated processes, your time is now free to interact with staff, members, and clients. Your staff will also have more time to work on membership sales or generate additional sources of revenue for your business.

Security and safety is a vital feature of any business software. You are collecting and using a variety of personal information, including demographic information, medical information, and payment information. You and your clients need assurance that this information is protected.

If there are other web-based applications that would be helpful in managing your fitness business, you should also consider a software program that offers app integration like Zapier. Payment processing solutions and marketing platforms can also be integrated to truly give you an all-in-one fitness business software option.

A free demo is usually available for most software options to give you an opportunity to try the features to see if they meet your needs. Customer support and customer service is a vital part of any software.

An all-in-one fitness business management software purchase is an investment, but consider it an investment into your business. The return on investment is worth its weight in gold.

Trends for Gym Management Software

Social media is one of the most inexpensive and effective ways to interact with clients, market your fitness business, and share information quickly and easily. If your team is using social media effectively it can also help increase revenue by bringing in new members and clients.

Staff and members want and need 24/7 access. This is why a web-based software with online booking that uses cloud technology benefits all users. No need to be on a specific device or machine, gym management software should be accessible from anywhere at any time.

App integration is also a hot trend in fitness business management software. Zapier is one platform that allows integration with thousands of web-based apps that staff, trainers, or clients may find useful. allows for social media integration, cloud computing, and app integration to help keep your business on-trend and competitive in this saturated fitness market.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, you want a fitness business software that matches your budget, has the management features you need and helps grow your business. Personal trainers and fitness professionals can use fitness business software to engage with clients and help them meet their health and fitness goals. Customers need software that makes their lives easier and provides an engaging customer service experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

– How do I figure out what features I need in a fitness business management software package?

Talk to staff, talk to personal trainers, and talk to members to see what would be important and useful to them. Make a list of the features available in all fitness business software, then narrow from that list. Make sure to take advantage of a free demo to see if the features meet your needs.

– How difficult is fitness business management software to use?

Most of the software options out there are user-friendly, but it’s important to choose an option with outstanding customer service and support in case issues do come up. Check to see if the software company offers training or includes training manuals or videos for staff and users.

– Can fitness business management software keep me ahead of the game?

Yes! Everyone seems to be health-conscious and the fitness industry is saturated, so it’s important to stay competitive in this market. The right fitness business software will give you the features and options you need to keep members engaged and keep your administrative tasks as streamlined as possible. provides the all-in-one software option your fitness business needs. Ready to see how can help you grow your business? Schedule your free demo today.


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