Gift Guide For Fitness Competitors

Fitness Workout for Men

Buying gifts is no easy task, especially if you’re shopping for the competitive type. They know that nothing comes easy and recognize the effort it takes to get to the top of their sport. There’s no better way to show your support for their lifestyle than with a thoughtful gift that works as hard as they do. Whether you’re shopping for a powerlifter, bodybuilder, extreme athlete, or anyone that is a competitor, these gift recommendations will be sure to amplify their next workout.

Signature 100% Whey

No matter who they are, they are going to love a good protein powder. After tearing up those muscle fibers with who knows how much weight they’ve been lifting, they’re going to want a tasty, convenient way to stock up on their protein stores. You truly can’t go wrong with this quick digesting protein powder, available in your pick of 9 different flavors.

Signature Protein

Pre Jym

Powerful lifts require powerful energy. There’s no better place to find that energy than in a solid pre workout. Help your loved one find their groove for their next workout with a preworkout of their favorite flavor. They’ll be thanking you after they smash their next PR.

Pre Jym

BodyFit Subscription

There’s no greater feeling to a competitor than in being at the top. Bodyfit provides them with exactly that. Cutting edge workout routines and in depth guides will help them perfect their game. Help them stay at the forefront of fitness with a monthly subscription to a community that can’t be beat.

BodyFit Subscription

Padded Lifting Straps

Nothing says strength like deadlifting enough plates to make the bar bend at the edges. While your loved one undoubtedly has the leg strength to lift this kind of weight, they may need a little boost to their grip. A solid pair of lifting straps can accelerate the max weight they can pull, allowing them to smash new personal bests and keep competing to better themselves.

Padded Lifting Straps

Men’s Performance Hoodie

For whatever reason, powerlifting and hoodies are in a committed relationship. Something about the way they enhance the delts or just the simple warmth and comfort they provide keeps them a fashion staple of the strength world. Gift your loved one a stylish compression hoodie to wear during their next winter workout.

Mens Performance Hoodie

Still unsure if these gifts will do the trick? We’ve got you covered. Check out the amazing gift guide we’ve created to make it easier for you with our Full Gift Guide.

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