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Fitness Workout for Men
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** The #1 Weight Loss Workout For Men At Home **

Here’s the truth, there are certain workout routines that are flat out better than others when it comes to weight loss. And from helping over 10,000 guys over 40 lose over 95,000 lbs of fat, we’ve found that the most effective is the routine covered in this video called metabolic resistance training.

In this video, we’re going to walk you through the #1 weight loss workout for men that you can do at home. Not only does this workout routine incorporate the most effective weight loss strategy specifically for men over 40, but it can also be done with just a single kettlebell or dumbbell and around 10 feet of floor space.

The Best Weight Loss Workout for Men At Home (1:34)

In this kettlebell complex workout, we’re going to combine the best strength training exercises into a time efficient metabolic circuit for amazing weight loss results. The 5 exercises included in this circuit are swings, squats, overhead presses, rows, and pushups.

Again, these are done in a constant circuit, continuously moving from one to the other without rest to complete one full cycle. In this variation of the best weight loss workout, you’re going to do 10 reps of each per cycle, rest for 1-2 minutes in between each cycle, and shoot for around 3-5 cycle completions.

The Full Demo of the Best Weight Loss Workout (2:04)
– The Swing Tutorial (2:18)
– The Squat Tutorial (2:45)
– The Overhead Press Tutorial (3:12)
– The Row Tutorial (3:35)
– The Pushup Tutorial (4:00)

The Best Variation of the Weight Loss Workout for Men (5:42)

While the weight loss routine covered in this video is great, we can make this even more effective by modifying the overall cycle and rep structure. We do this by utilizing a pyramid structure where each cycle will initially add an additional rep until you reach 10, and then back it back down.

This is the routine available in our famous 24-minute weight loss workout for men, and you can download it free today right here:

Both variations of this metabolic circuit weight loss workout are amazingly effective, and best of all can be done right at home in no time at all. We recommend you do these around 2-3 times per week with one day in between each workout. You’ll get a great metabolic boost, build some lean muscle and start to see some great results.

That being said, remember that your diet and nutrition is really the foundation of your weight loss results, and if you’d like more help with that subscribe to our channel for a ton of helpful videos on the best meal plans and eating tips. And download our free 1-day weight loss meal plan for a complete meal plan you can start today.

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