Workout Video Tutorial 02 – Quick Fitness Fullbody Home Workout Own Bodyweight

Quick Fitness Workout
Watch our new workout video tutorial and latest workout plan. This is workout routine vol.2: Quick Fitness Fullbody Home Workout Own Bodyweight.

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1. Push Ups 00:35 – 01:15
2. Butterfly Reverse Squats 01:15 – 02:01
3. Reverse Lunges 02:01 – 03:13
4. Sit Ups 03:13 – 04:17


5. Seated Core Rotations 04:17 – 05:21
6. Alternating Supermans 05:21 – 06:29
7. Front Plank (hold for 30sec) 06:29 – 08:20

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