Man Maker Mayhem Workout | Total-Body Dumbbell Fix

Fitness Workout for Men
This rapid-fire follow-along home workout is a great way to learn a top-notch movement, giving all types of lifters a chance to test their strength and fitness.
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As with the other workouts in The Total-Body Dumbbell Fix, you won’t focus on hitting specific sets and reps as you practice these movements. Go at your own pace and complete as many reps as possible. If you find yourself struggling to learn a particular movement, pause the video and work at your own pace until you feel confident in your form.

Exercise intervals last 35-45 seconds, with 15-30 seconds of rest in between. Listen for the tone as you follow along with the video to let you know when the time is almost up. If you choose not to follow the video, you can increase or decrease the interval and rest times to adjust the intensity of the workout.

Light to medium weight is best for this workout; heavier dumbbells will build strength and hypertrophy, while lighter dumbbells benefit aerobic performance and athletic endurance. The last two minutes will be a burner at any weight!

Perform these first four exercises in a circuit, with about a minute of rest in between each full round. The man-maker is not part of this circuit because it is your final fitness test at the end of the workout.

You can use Man-Maker Mayhem—or the other four workouts in the new All-Access Program The Total-Body Dumbbell Fix—to add variety to your workout routine and test the strength and endurance you’ve developed using the other workouts. It’s a great weekly or bi-weekly fitness test for anyone looking to lose fat, add muscle, or become more athletic, or it can be part of a complete program with the other workouts.
►Total-Body Dumbbell Fix Program:

| Man-Maker Mayhem Workout |
1. Circuit: 3 Rounds
a. Dumbbell Front Squat: 35-45 sec. work (1530 sec. rest)
b. Dumbbell Military Press: 35-45 sec. work (1530 sec. rest)
c. Alternating Renegade Row: 35-45 sec. work (1530 sec. rest)
d. Dumbbell Sprawl: 35-45 sec. work (1530 sec. rest)

2. Full Man Maker: Max Reps (in 2 min.)

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