Quick Fitness Workout
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This video is a full body workout with Grace Fit UK and Shona Vertue. In this workout we target the abs, legs and arms, using supersets to get in a quick workout and burn more calories. We have included tips on form and beginners and advanced substitutions. I hope you love the workout!

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The Workout:
1A: Squats 3×8
1B: Tricep Push Up (Close Grip) 3×10
2A: Hip Thrust 3×10
2B. Tricep Dip 3×15
3A. Bulgarian Split Squat 3×10 per leg
3B. Seated OH DB press (Neutral Grip) 3×10
4A. Reverse Crunch (Straight Leg) 3×10
4B. Slow Bicycle Crunch 3×10 per side
4C. Crunch 3×10

Home: Fill up two water bottles with water and use them as dumbbells! Links to home gym equipment down below.
1A: Squats 3×8 – water bottle on both shoulders
1B: Tricep Push Up (Close Grip) 3×10
2A: Hip Thrust 3×10 – water bottles across hips
2B. Tricep Dip 3×15
3A. Bulgarian Split Squat 3×10 per leg – use water bottles in each hand
3B. Seated OH DB press (Neutral Grip) 3×10 – water bottles in each hand
4A, B & C same as in gym version above

1A: Keep your chest up, and core tight.
1B: Bring hands close together & make sure your elbows shave the sides of your body as you lower down. Do as many full push ups as you can, then drop to knees if too difficult.
2A: Squeeze your glutes at the top & tuck tailbone.
2B: Make sure elbows point backwards & not outwards. Keep chest up & hips close to the bench.
3A: A slight lean forward will help activate the glutes. Drive through the heel!
3B: Don’t arch your back as you push upwards!
4A: Hold onto something above your head to stabilise & engage core
4B: Make sure your shoulders are completely off the floor
4C: Tuck tailbone to keep your lower abdominal active as well.

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