The Best Workout Routine for Men – (Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced Plans)

Fitness Workout for Men
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I think what a lot of us find is that the hardest part about getting back into working out isn’t doing the exercises, it’s finding the right routine. Because for those of us with busy schedules, the worst thing we can do is waste time in the gym, fumbling around to find the right exercises and not getting the results we’re after.

So that’s why I wanted to put together this in-depth guide on the best workout routine for men. Because whether you’re at the beginning or more advanced stage of your muscle building, it’s always helpful to have some extra strategy to make your workouts even more effective. And while many of the tips in this video are centered around the best muscle building routine, you’ll also find strategies focused on making your fat loss workouts even better.

So to make things easy, I broke this video on the best workout routine for men into three different categories (beginner, intermediate and advanced). That being said, even if you’re at a more advanced stage, I highly recommend you watch through the entire video. It’s a great opportunity to reflect on your own fitness journey and find some tips that could help accelerate your progress.

The Beginner’s Guide on the Best Workout Routine for Men (1:27)

This stage is really all about creating the best foundation possible for maintaining amazing results with your workouts. Whether your focus is fat loss or muscle building, there are three main principles we need to look at first to do just that.
– Prioritize Compound Movements
– Full Body Workouts 3x per week
– Building up your strength

The Intermediate Guide on the Best Workout Routine for Men (4:08)

This phase of the best workout routine for men is for those who’ve been training consistently for around a year. You understand the compound movements, you’re starting to see results and you want to take it to the next level. And as you’ll discover this is an incredibly important time in your fat loss and/or muscle building journey because we need to mix things up a little. Your body starts to adapt to your current training, so to see more results there are four main principles we need to address.

– Increase volume and intensity
– Focus on creating constant tension with each exercise
– Use more Dumbbell/Kettlebell variations
– Implement focused training blocks

The Advanced Guide on the Best Workout Routine for Men (9:00)

This is the phase of your workout journey where you’ve been lifting regularly for at least 4 or 5 years, you’ve made great gains, but your progress has really slowed down. And while that’s to be expected, there are some essential strategies you can use to ramp them back up a little bit and continue moving forward.
– Undulating Periodization
– Focusing on Rep Tempo
– Use things like the CNS tap test & Deload Weeks
– LINK to CNS:
– Using more joint-friendly movements

So that’s the general overview we cover in this video on the best workout routine for men. And it may seem like a lot to take in, but I wanted to give you the complete layout that will allow you to incorporate these strategies at your own pace. And even if you walk away with only 1 or 2 tips you’re going to use, you’re already on your way to a better workout routine and better results. Hope you enjoy!

Your friends here at the FFP,

-Dr. Balduzzi + The Men’s Health Experts @ The Fit Father Project

**Disclaimer: This information is for reference purposes ONLY and cannot replace personal information you can and should discuss with your Doctor. If you have any concerns about your health, you should see your Doctor immediately. Results vary by individual, so we do not guarantee you will get the same results as any shown here or on our website.

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