The ‘No Crunches’ Core Workout For Men Ft. David Morin

Fitness Workout for Men

STOP doing crunches for your abs! These run-of-the-mill, crunch-a-thon workouts you see plastered in every fitness mag and other lousy YouTube channel out there isn’t doing squat to get you that washboard six-pack you really want.

In fact, forcing yourself through those boring, endless crunches like a highschool kid in P.E. is preventing you from fully developing your core and could be leading to back pain and all sorts of issues down the road…

David Morin here from Blue Star Nutraceuticals and today I’m going to run you through a proper, complete core workout – with zero crunches – designed to not only carve out your abs, but develop true core strength that will support your back and the rest of your body the way it’s supposed to for everything that you do.

Ready to ditch the crunches for a real core workout?

This is the “No Crunches” Core Workout For Men!

Let’s get at it!

For this workout, you’ll perform 6 exercises in circuit fashion.

Perform each exercise for 60 seconds with no rest between exercises, continue through until you complete all 6 exercises – that’s one round.

Take 2 minutes to rest and rehydrate with AminoFast™ between each round.

Push hard and aim to complete 3 total rounds and finish the workout in under 25 minutes.

Exercise #1: (Weighted) Planks
Setup in a plank position on your forearms with your body straight like a board and hold for 60 seconds. Remember to breathe, yet keep your core braced and fully engaged. Start with bodyweight and as your core strength improves you can begin adding weight on your back for increased resistance.

Exercise #2: Alternating T-Planks
Setup in a pushup position on your hands with your body straight like a board. Brace your core and rotate your trunk, raising your right arm straight into the air – your body should form a T when viewed from the side – then control back down to pushup position and rotate to the left side. Repeat alternating back and forth until the time limit is up. If you want to further increase the difficulty, you can perform this with dumbbells in each hand.

Exercise #3: Cable Horizontal Woodchoppers
Set the pulley on a cable machine to mid-torso height – around your navel – stand a few feet out, perpendicular to the weight stack – keep your arms straight as you grip the handle and twist from your core away from the stack, then control back. Complete 30 seconds on one side then switch sides to evenly work both during the set. You can substitute the cable machine for a resistance band if you would like to.

Exercise #4: Exercise Ball Plank Circles
Setup in a plank position with your forearms on an exercise ball – body straight like a board. Keep your core braced and perform small circles with your forearms to help engage your obliques and additional core stabilizing muscles. Perform circles for 30 seconds one direction then switch directions for the remaining 30 seconds.

Exercise #5: Exercise Ball Hyperextensions
A strong core – requires a strong posterior chain – and these are one of the best exercises for developing posterior chain strength and overall activation. Lie with your abdomen and top of your hips on the exercise ball, legs extended back behind you. Hold your hands at your temples, lower your chest and head down, then contract your low back raising your head and chest nearly perpendicular to the floor. Repeat for the full 60 seconds.

Exercise #6: Ab Rollouts
Grab a barbell with a plate on each side. Get down on all 4s with your hands on the bar. Roll the bar out as far as you can go, leading with your hips and bracing your core as you extend, then contract your abs to pull the bar back in under your shoulders again. Pull with your abs, not with your arms. To increase the difficulty, you can use smaller plates on the bar, as the lower it is to the ground, the harder it will be. If you’re extremely advanced, you can also attempt to perform these from your toes instead of your knees.

And that’s a wrap! Congratulations on finishing the “No Crunches” Core Workout For Men!


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