When to Change Your Workout (DON’T MESS THIS UP!)

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Knowing when to change your workout and when not to is one of the most important things you can get right when it comes to your training. Change too often and you could sacrifice your ability to build the necessary foundation required for building a muscular physique. Change too infrequently and you will not be providing enough stimulus for your body to change. In this video, I’m going to help you to determine whether it is time to change your workout or not.

One of the most helpful things to identify is your training experience. If you are a beginner, all of your workout changes should likely come in the form of how you are performing the exercises you do and not what exercises you do. For instance, your motor patterns are still going to be a work in progress and simply moving from exercise to exercise will not allow you to get better at any one movement and eventually load it maximally.

Here instead, you want to focus on adding more weight to the limited exercises that you can perform and start experimenting with altered rep tempos, training frequency and most of all driving as much tension into the working muscle as you can. Most beginners are just not good enough at making the actual muscle that they are trying to develop do most of the work. Your goal will be to do just that using a fewer number of key exercises.

That said, as you become more advanced you will find that you likely are unable to keep adding weight to the exercises and increasing your strength on them. Here, a new exercise that hits the target muscle group is just what the doctor ordered. Increasing your exercise variety is not just an effective way to combat training boredom but it becomes a crucial part of making sure your gains keep coming. The best part here is that when you do come back to your old standby exercises, they in effect become “new” again and you can start to see gains from doing them once again.

What must be combatted here however is selecting exercises based on your like or dislike of them. I call this phenomenon “exerphobia”. The reason we pick exercises we like and repeat them is likely because our bodies have become very efficient at doing them. The reason we like them is that they feel good and we can lift a good amount of weight on them. That doesn’t mean that they are the best for us however. Knowing the creating change in the body is something that needs to be forced, you want to choose exercises you are less efficient at by this point to ensure that the gains keep coming.

Finally, when it comes to fat loss training you definitely want to mix up your exercises and modes of training very frequently. If you think about the way your body reacts metabolically to exercise, it becomes better and more efficient at something the more you do it. Less work is required to perform the exercise over time. With less work comes less caloric burn. The very exercises you were doing to burn fat before are now no longer as effective. For that reason, you should frequently change your fat burning workouts to keep your fat loss coming.

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