💦15 MUST-DO Fitness Exercises for Men Over 40 & Beyond

Fitness Workout for Men
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Want bigger, stronger muscles? Sure you do… Here are 15 MUST-DO Fitness Exercises for Men Over 40 & Beyond to help you get stronger and more lean. Guys want to look good in their 40s and for decades after… this video will help you do just that.

So in this video Coach Chris Wilson shows you 15 of his ‘go to’ fitness exercises. Start incorporating some or all of these moves into your workouts. Certainly some of them you’re currently doing but there’s probably a few you’re not. Each move gets broken down and demonstrated. Let this be your ‘Over 40’ Resource for muscle building and strength. Have fun and here’s to a bigger, stronger muscles that you’re proud to show off after 40 and for years to come!

15 MUST-DO Fitness Exercises for Men Over 40 & Beyond

1. Weighted Carry
2. Bear Crawl
3. Push Up
4. Assisted Pull Up
5. KB Deadlift
6. DB Thruster
7. Inverted Row
8. World’s Greatest Stretch
9. Suspension Squat
10. MB Slam
11. Wall Ball Twist Toss
12. Isometric Side Plank
13. Lateral Lunge
14. 3-Angle Chest Press
15. Wrist Roller

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