Workout Meal Timing: Eating Before or After Workout to Lose Weight

Workout Meals
Learn about workout meal timing and how you should be eating before or after a workout to lose weight.
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Should you eat before a workout or after? Post and pre-workout meal timing are essential to helping you achieve your weight loss goals. In this video, we discuss eating and meal timing around a workout, whether you work out in the morning, afternoon, after work or late at night. We’ll answer all of your questions about when should you eat after a workout and what types of foods you should be eating to lose weight.

Workout Meal Timing
(0:46) Morning Workout: Eat Before or After?
(4:15) Afternoon Workout Setup
(5:38) Post-Dinner Workout Setup

TIP: If you are eating close to a workout, eat light, easy to digest foods such as a protein shake or fruit. Avoid eating a lot of fats right before a workout.

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