Fun and Quick Kids Workout (NO EQUIPMENT)

Quick Fitness Workout
With this quick 20-minute workout, kids will be able to exercise and have a lot of fun, all at once!

Today’s series has tons of cool exercises, like the hopscotch or the hand claps. After a week of classes at home, everyone should have a good time!

Check out this quick workout today and make sure to subscribe to our channel to receive new videos every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Good luck and let’s complete another great workout!💪 

00:00 Knee Drive
00:31 Lateral Arm Circles
01:19 Rest
01:37 Hopscotch
02:16 Rest
02:39 Jumping Jacks
03:23 Rest
03:45 Body Extensions
04:28 Rest
04:50 Arm Crossovers
05:35 Rest
05:57 Burpees
06:55 Rest
07:18 Forward Jump
08:01 Rest
08:23 Hand Claps
09:03 Rest
10:05 Knee Drive
10:37 Lateral Arm Circles
11:24 Rest
11:42 Hopscotch
12:22 Rest
12:44 Jumping Jacks
13:28 Rest
13:50 Body Extensions
14:33 Rest
14:56 Arm Crossovers
15:40 Rest
16:02 Burpees
17:00 Rest
17:23 Forward Jump
18:06 Rest
18:28 Hand Claps


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