How to Plan Your Climbing Training: Troubleshooting!

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Planning your weekly sessions and managing them in with your lifestyle and outdoors climbing (also potentially other sports) is a pretty complex subject! For some people, it’s quite simple as they know they have just 2 sessions a week, the days never change and their schedule is entirely predictable. For others, they are trying to work on how to plan 3-5 sessions a week, manage recovery, work a 9-5 job and find time to relax. Not simple! Maybe this is you?!

In this video (as promised in our previous training plan Q&A) we’ve taken 3 real life climbers – one of them being a Lite Plan client – and helped them plan out their weeks. Tom and Ollie work through what to look for, why they order the training certain ways and some of the options you have during your week.

Key areas looked at are:

1. Ordering – how do we deal with stacking of training intensities
2. Recovery – what’s enough and when is best?
3. Priorities & focus – in what scenarios do we need to create more focus?
4. Overall loading – is it possible to do too much, too often?

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