KETTLEBELL PUSH DAY (Shoulders, chest & triceps) 💪🔥😅

Fitness Workout for Men
KETTLEBELL PUSH DAY (Shoulders, chest & triceps) 💪🔥😅


40 seconds each exercise
20 seconds rest between
🔥 Shoulder press
🔥 Kneeling single arm shoulder press
🔥 Other side
🔥 Single arm chest press
🔥 Other side
🔥 Overhead tricep extension
🔥 Lying skull crusher
60s rest
X 3-4 sets

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I’ve been showing up for myself in lots of different ways recently – physically, mentally, spiritually, and it’s starting to show in many ways.

So I hope I continue to inspire you to show up for yourself too ☺️🙏❤️

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