Step by Step Beginner Gym Guide (Full Training Plan + All You Need To Know)

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So you want to start lifting, but you are overwhelmed by all the information on the internet, by clicking on this video, you just made the best decision in your bodybuilding journey. Im gonna take you through all the steps necessary to get you to start lifting, i will also cover the basics of nutrition and supplementation and give you a full workout routine that you can follow. All of that without overwhelming you in the process, everything will be extremely easy to understand, and it will get rid of all of your fears and uncertainties you might have. Dont feel self concious, no one will judge you jsut because you are skinny or overweight, everyone started somewhere, people will be more than happy to help you out if you ask them. This video also includes a full workout routine, which you can follow! This training routine focuses on the basic exercises which will be the most important ones moving forward. This is a 4day workout split, which consists of workout A and workout B. Always warmup before your workout atleast a little bit. The basic exercises are: benchpress, incline benchpress, overhead press, squats, pull ups, deadlift and biceps curl. Try to master the technique of these exercises, its better to drop down the weight a little bit, a really try to execute the movement properly. If you do all of this, you will get big fast! You should also follow progressive overload and track all of your workouts. Of course dont forget about protein, consume 1gram of protein per 1lbs of bodyweight. While spreading this amount between 3-5meals. Then its also a good idea to find out your maintenance calories, and find out if you need to bulk or cut depending on if you are skinny fat, skinny, or just fat. Last thing you need to know, is what supplements to use, protein powder and creatine are for sure worth your money. BCAAs and EAAs are not worth it in my opinion. Apply everything you just learned in this video, and finally get muscular like you always wanted!

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