“How I Went From Being A Party Girl To A Fitness Fanatic – And Lost 31kg”


When it comes to a weight loss journey, breaking bad habits is not easy. But sometimes, having a bit of grit and loads of consistency can yield amazing results. This is how Liz Dumagude found her freedom and lost over 30kg.

Liz’s Weight Loss Journey:

What Led To Liz’s Weight Gain

Elizabeth Dumagude, a “reformed party girl, ” loved eating and drinking. “I would go out every weekend and drink excessively, which led to me eating any and everything in sight,” she explains. “I would have a Steers Wacky Wednesday meal every Wednesday, multiple McDonald’s meals or pizza from Friday through Sunday, whilst mindlessly snacking on chips, chocolates and so on.”

Eventually, her lifestyle caught up with her when she spotted a holiday picture of herself. She weighed 85kg and was unhappy. “I could hardly recognise the person I was looking at,” she notes.

Things had come to a head: she felt uncomfortable in her body and was exhausted. “My clothes had tripled in size, and I kept eating my feelings,” she says. “I joined a gym the very next day.” 

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How Liz Changed Her Life And Lost 31kg

She’d found a small gym in Sunninghill and started attending their group fitness classes three times a week. “I would rotate between 45-minute high-intensity cardio classes, spinning and boxing,” she says. The biggest change? Elizabeth had stopped going out partying as much – which meant far fewer junk food excursions. 

After some time, she decided to hire a personal trainer to really fine-tune her new nutrition. She’d also set herself a new goal: to venture into the weights section at the gym. (If this is your goal too, check out our beginner’s guide to weightlifting here).

For breakfast, Elizabeth opted for oats, snacked on rice cakes and swapped out the burgers for stir-fried veg with rice. Her lifestyle had done a complete 180, too. “I swapped out all my sodas for sugar-free options, added sugar-free jelly, puddings and, sweets for my sweet tooth and opted for red wine or a gin and sugar-free tonic when I went out with friends,” she explains.

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How Liz’s Transformation Changed Her Life

Six years on, Liz has not only lost the weight (she now weighs 54kg), but has carved out muscle that enabled her to compete in fitness competitions. This year, she placed first as the 2023 IFBB SA Regional, National & Overall Wellness Champion.

Mostly, she just feels so much better for it. “I am so much stronger and fitter; taking the stairs doesn’t feel like a chore anymore,” she says.

“Now, I focus on how I look and feel, how my clothes fit and how I am progressing in the gym.”

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Liz’s Weight Loss Tips For Someone Starting Their Weight Loss Journey

1. Be Patient

“This is a weight-loss JOURNEY, you will make mistakes along the way, but keep going!”

2. Eat In Moderation

“You do not need to cut out any food groups to reach your goals.”

3. Get Moving!

“Find an activity that you love. You don’t need to be in the gym if that is not what you enjoy.”

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