Best Workout For Men Over 50 (NO JOINT PAIN!)

Fitness Workout for Men
Best workout for men over 50 – In this video tutorial best workout for men over 50, I am going to show you 3 exercises for men over 50 that will benefit you tremendously. You’re most likely watching this video because you don’t see the results you want and you might just feel like you aren’t doing the right exercises to get you the best results. Well in this video tutorial, I am going to give you some great tips and exercises that will get you the best workout for guys over 50. Let’s get started with this workouts for men over 50 video tutorial.

I am going to give you three exercises that are a little bit different, and I’ll tell you why I am giving you these specific exercises. All three of these exercises will have my TriCon Training method in them, which has some amazing benefits for you, and it is also less stressful for your joints which is another reason why I love TriCon Training. Let’s look at one of the first exercises for men over 50.

The first exercise we are going to do is a 30 degree incline bench press using dumbbells. For this, we want to make sure we are doing a neutral grip on the dumbbells, which means your palms are facing each other. Make sure to go with lighter when because since we are doing TriCon sets, it is going to be killer. Keep your lower back flat on the bench, try to avoid having that arch. The first 3 reps will be explosive reps, then going into the TriCon reps, you are going to go down halfway and hold it there for 10 seconds. You’re mindset is that you are trying to bring your elbows together without physically moving the dumbbells. Doing this will help you develop a stronger mind/muscle connection. For the last 3 reps of this 9 rep set, you are going to do slow reps. This exercise for men over 50 with the TriCon sets are killer! So after this push exercise in this men over 50 workout, we are going to go to a pull exercise.

The second exercise in this best workouts for men video tutorial is a neutral grip pulldown, which is a vertical pull exercise. And again, we are going to utilize the TriCon training in this exercise for men over 50. You want to get a nice stretch at the top, lock your abs in, and pull with your elbows to bring the weight down to your side. You don’t want to pull with your biceps in these workouts for men over 50, you want to use your elbows and your lats. When you get to the TriCon reps, you want to flare out your lats and try to rip the handles apart which will help you get a good contraction for your intense workout for men over 50. So that is your pull exercise, and from there we are going to go to a leg exercise in this tutorial for workouts for men over 50.

In this last exercise in this video of exercises for men over 50, we are going to do a leg press. For the first three reps you want to explode up. For the TriCon reps, go halfway down, and the goal is you want to try and spread the plate apart with your feet. This is intense! And you should feel the burn in your quads during this. And after the three TriCon reps in this exercise for men over 50, you do 3 slow reps to finish it off. This is the best workout for guys!

That’s the end of this workout for men over 50, one of the best workouts for guys. It is intense, and although short, you are going to see some great results. I hope you found this video tutorial of the best workout for guys over 50 to be beneficial in taking your workout to the next level in seeing the results you want.

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