Fitness Workout for Men
This full ab workout for men over 40 works all of your abdominal muscles and is a great way to build a strong core.
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The abs have four main muscles: the rectus abdominis, the obliques (internal and external), and the transverse abdominis. Many people make the mistake of only training one or two of these while building ab muscles. A great ab workout works all four. Building lower ab muscles are just as important as building upper ab muscles. Building a strong core for beginners can be easy if you start incorporating these 5 ab exercises into your workout.

Train your abs like you would any other muscle group. Hit it hard with a full muscle workout one day, then give your abs time to rest and recover. Many people try to do one exercise like crunches every day, but this is not the most effective way to train your abs.

Ab workout for men over 40:
(3:58) Ab wheel rollout (2 x 8-12 Reps)
(5:38) Hanging leg raise (2 x 8-12 Reps)
(6:57) Pallof press (3 x 5 Reps)
(9:10) RKC plank (2 sets with 45-60 seconds of rest)
(11:03) BONUS: Chin-ups (to failure)

This is a great ab workout for dads and men over 40, whether you are a beginner or advanced.

** Pro Tip: Add this ab workout onto your normal workout routine 2 times per week.**

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