The ULTIMATE 40 Year Old Man Workout Plan (Follow This!!)

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This 40 year old man workout plan is one that will take your body to the next level. And it applies for building muscle and building fat. Follow these 40 year old man workout plan principles and you’ll dramatically notice a difference with your physique.

One of the key principles for any workout for 40 year old men is progressive overload. This is when you are steadily getting stronger from week to week. Whether you are lifting slightly more weight than the week before. Or performing one extra set or rep. Regardless, any type of improvement is considered progressive overload. Which is huge for any 40 year old man workout.

Another key to your 40 year old man workout plan is working out less throughout the week. Exercising 3-4 days tops is all you need. This ties into another 40 year old workout plan principle, which is recovery. Recover is king if you want to build muscle or burn fat efficiently without burning out your body or male hormones. So for your 40 year old workout program be sure to schedule in rest days. They are essential for recovery, strength, injury prevention, and growth.

Something else to keep in mind for your 40 year old workout plan is to stimulate your muscle – not annihilate it. Workout plans like P90x or other routines that have you exercise your body at a high intensity for long durations of time are not fit for older men. 45 minutes is all you need for your 40 year old workout.

Last is Anabolic Cardio. Which you can learn more about here:
This kind of cardio helps men over 40 build muscle, burn fat, while also boosting testosterone and growth hormone levels naturally.

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