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Managing your fitness business includes making a variety of tough decisions, including which software company will best fit the needs of your company. There are definitely benefits that come from each of your potential providers, but we believe there is one option that stands out.

In this article, we will provide you with a comparison of GoMotive and Exercise.com. We will tell you about GoMotive as a company, compare their features, and look at their pricing. Along the way, we will show you how Exercise.com compares and why we think it is the perfect choice for your fitness business.

If you like the idea of a software company that provides you with everything your business needs without making you pay for the things you don’t, request a demo today.

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Fitness Pros Who Trust Exercise.com

GoMotive Software Review

In partnership with Dynamic Health and Fitness, GoMotive has created a mobile platform to help coaches interact with their clients and team members. Jay Morgan founded Dynamic Health and Fitness in 2001 and currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer. Originally a student-athlete at Morgan’s company, Nick Leader currently serves as the Director of CoachFit, the above-mentioned app created in collaboration with GoMotive.

The CoachFit app aims to make it easier to deliver workouts, communicate with clients, and track workouts. While GoMotive may have delivered on portions of these aspirations, they fail to hit a larger portion of the fitness industry market.

This app is designed mainly for personal trainers, and the features reflect that. This is not a software that is usable for anything more than a small boutique gym and, even then, it has some limitations.

We will move into greater detail later, but the CoachFit app essentially allows only for scheduling in the personal training and group workout realms. There is no way to track membership, sell individuals products, or account for other services a gym or health club might offer.

GoMotive does offer a custom-branded app to personal trainers or boutique owners, however, there are some restrictions. Once again, we will touch on those details later in this article.

Unless otherwise stated, all images and reviews below are of/about Exercise.com’s All-In-One Fitness Business Management software platform.

GoMotive vs Exercise.com

The most prominent difference between GoMotive and Exercise.com’s software is the ability to encompass the needs of any type of fitness business. As previously stated, GoMotive apps are designed for trainers and coaches who work with clients one-on-one or in small groups. Exercise.com can accommodate those needs as well, but they can also handle everything a full-size gym would require.

Due to the fact that GoMotive is marketing to a specific demographic, they need to make sure that they completely cover all the needs of that demographic. According to one user, the company has failed to do this:

“I need a video chat feature through the app, as well as the ability for client to upload video to me, not just receive from me. I can’t afford the private labeling, but would truly appreciate the ability to communicate fully through the app without outside email.”

Exercise.com is completely customizable for your business and can directly address these types of needs without you having to wait for the overall software to be updated. Your business is unique and that’s how it is treated by our team.

Fitness Business Management (FBM)

One of the great things about the Exercise.com software is that you can manage all aspects of your business from one place. Many times, a fitness business will use one software company to address the needs of one area and then requires additional software to address the others. Exercise.com is capable of handling membership, personal training, and everything in between.

The software is easy to use for your employees and your customers. There are areas to schedule, track workouts, make payments, generate reports, and integrate with other programs. Let’s take a more in-depth look.

Calendars and Booking

The GoMotive software can be utilized to schedule personal training appointments within the app, but really nothing more. The company claims that users can schedule group classes and clients can reserve a spot within the app, however, it lacks the ability to differentiate between locations if there is more than one class going on at a time. It is very obviously an app built for personal training exclusively.

Exercise.com provides calendars for whatever platform your fitness business needs. The software accommodates multiple trainers, multiple class studios, and can be easily sorted for customers to view. They can make appointments and pay for services they’ve booked, all within the software.

Accepting Payments Securely and Easily

GoMotive does not provide information on how it accepts payments, only that the app has the capability to accept payments for personal and small group training. Exercise.com, on the other hand, wants to make sure it can accept payment for any product or service and do so in a secure manner.

Using Stripe, our software can accept one time payments for products or services, send recurring monthly membership invoices, sell packages for personal training or group classes, or combine all accrued payables into one monthly bill for customers. It can truly be customized to whatever will work most efficiently for your business.

Increase Business Efficiency With Easy Report Access

When owning a fitness business, you want to make sure the services you offer and the associated price tags are making your business profitable. With Exercise.com’s software, you can generate reports to see anything from total purchases to gross revenue. Having this information at your fingertips can help you decide whether your business is on the right track, or if you need to make changes going forward.

For example, you might want to analyze your small group training schedule. After generating a report, you notice more revenue coming from morning and evening classes than lunchtime. Using this information, you could experiment with adding trainings to the more profitable times of day and save costs by eliminating the midday offerings.

There is no evidence on GoMotive’s website to suggest they offer reports on any aspect of your business.

Increase Revenue With Key Business Marketing Integrations

Even though Exericse.com provides software that can be customized to do whatever your business needs, you may have procedures in place that have worked well. We want you to feel that you can continue your success and make it better through our software and, because of this, we provide integration with other programs you may already be using. Here are a few examples of resources that can be integrated into our software:

  • MailChimp
  • ConstantContact
  • ConvertKit
  • Zapier
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Pixel

It helps to be able to learn and put a system in place to say ‘We have this issue with the shoulder or this elbow pain, this hip internal rotation issue’ and we’ve gone through it with 25 other guys. We’ve had good success with 24 of them so we have a game plan in place.

The flip side is if you get stuck in a rut and your systems don’t work and are not scalable you’re just like why isn’t this working. You can’t see outside the box at all. Systems help eliminate problems.

Barrett Stover

Founder, Revolution Sports Performance

Custom-Branded Websites, Web, and Smartphone Apps

When potential customers are trying to decide between your business and that of your competitors, you want to make sure yours is the one that stands out. You want all aspects of your fitness business to be custom and unique to you. This can be the physical appearance at your location, but also your brand as a whole.

Promoting your brand via a custom website and app is a great way to make sure potential customers know exactly who you are as a business and what you can provide them. Branding shows that your entire business is aligned in its mission and will give them everything they’re looking for in their workout and their overall experience.

GoMotive does offer to put a logo within your app, but there is not much more that can be customized. The software also lacks a website, which is a key promotional tool for fitness businesses of any size.

Fully Customized to Your Brand

GoMotive does not offer a website, in general, so it would be impossible for them to offer the customization of one. Even though they do offer to put a logo on certain aspects of the CoachFit app, you would be missing a big marketing opportunity by utilizing their services and not having a website.

Exercise.com offers full customization of a website and apps so that your brand stands out to potential customers. If someone is looking to become a customer at a fitness business, are they more likely to remember one that has a generic look or one that has built everything to show off their brand? The choice is fairly straightforward.

Once these people become customers or members, you want them to tell their friends about your business. If you stand out because of your branding, members will talk to their friends about their experience at your gym, not the workout they had at the gym.

Automation From Your Own Custom Apps

In order to maintain a smooth operation, you want your business to operate as easily as possible. Exercise.com offers automated features to keep your clients engaged with their workouts and your facility in general. Here are a few of the offerings:

  • Automatic Emails and Texts/Other Automatic Features
  • Highlight Exercise.com
  • Automate Workout Delivery
  • Automate Resource Delivery
  • Automate Assessment Delivery
  • Automate Reminders/Alerts via app, text, and email

Custom-Designed Website

As we have previously stated, Exercise.com is the only competitor in this part of the comparison. GoMotive does not offer a custom or generic website.

The days when people look up a business in a phonebook are fading quickly. Instead, the Internet is the new hub for finding information on most businesses. This is why you need your website to not only exist but to be impactful as well. From the moment a person is directed to your home page, they need to become excited about what your fitness business has to offer. This includes the colors, logos, and overall look that you want to be the expression of your business’ mission and values.

Exercise.com gives you the customization ability to make your website stand out. Your business will be the one that stands out in people’s minds. Some of the custom features include:

  • Responsive
  • SEO optimized
  • Unlimited theme changes
  • Built to convert visitors to leads
  • Custom graphic work
  • Google Certified Partner

Security Features

Keeping your information, as well as your client’s information, safe and secure is important. Exercise.com does not take this lightly, and provides the following security measures for your fitness business:

  • SSL Secure
  • Privacy Shield Framework
  • Google Cloud

Integrations and Add-ons

GoMotive does not offer any information on its website as to whether or not they offer anything to be integrated with or added on to their app.

Exercise.com also does not offer any add-ons, but for a much better reason. Since your software is fully customizable to your business, everything you want or need will be included when the software is created for you. There is no longer a need to make a pros and cons list for different tiers of pricing options to determine which one is the closest fit for your business.

At Exercise.com, we are not looking to get you the closest fit, we are looking to provide you with the perfect fit. Everything you need will be available to you through our customization. We are committed to your success.

Grow and manage your fitness business better with Exercise.com

Workout Creation and Delivery

There is a growing trend in the fitness industry of using a form of hybrid training. This consists of in-person workouts like personal training or group classes paired with routines that clients perform on their own. Whether or not you want to take advantage of this, Exercise.com offers the opportunity to create and deliver workouts to your clients.

There is a large market, available to fitness businesses, to provide workouts that clients can do on their own. From a financial standpoint, it is a great tool to utilize if someone does not want to hire a personal trainer. By creating and delivering programs for your clients, you are still generating income while also contributing to their success. There are a number of different scenarios in which this could be effective, including:

  • Workout Planning-Personal Training
  • Nutrition Assistance
  • Goal Setting
  • Traveling Athletes
  • In-Person Clients
  • Trainer Logging
  • Online Clients
  • Hybrid Clients (in-person/online)
  • Busy Professionals

Customized Workout Design and Library

There are many fitness software companies that offer a pre-built workout library to their users. The videos in this library include people who are not a part of your business and, therefore, there is a lost opportunity to connect your business with users watching the video. With Exercise.com, however, video libraries and exercises can be customized.

Giving your clients a video featuring someone they have never seen or met does not showcase your business the same way it would if your fitness staff was featured. Your clients are unique and so is your business. Give them the best experience possible by using videos filmed at your business, featuring your staff members.

Many fitness software companies also provide pre-built templates for their users. These templates have workouts already made that are available to send to clients. The problem with this is that not all of your clients might be able to utilize these plans. Isn’t it better, instead, to create a workout that is unique for an individual person by staff at your facility? Exercise.com does not cut corners. You can customize workouts for every individual that walks in the door.

Some other software features include:

  • Workout Plan Creator
  • Intervals
  • Alternate
  • Block
  • Smart Delivery
  • Custom Exercise Library
  • Easily Embed Your Videos into Your Platform
  • Your Descriptions, Workouts, etc.

Automated Delivery PDFs, Nutrition Plans, and More to Your Clients

In order for your business to be successful, your clients must also be successful. You want to give them the tools to do this by sending workouts and nutrition plans, but this can be time-consuming. With Exercise.com, you can automate the delivery of these tools, to your clients, without putting extra work on your plate. No more leaving yourself sticky notes as reminders to send your clients their latest workout. Exercise.com allows you to set this up through automation, giving you less to stress over.

E-Commerce/Point of Sale

Exercise.com allows for purchases to be made in-person, online, or via your app with the point of sale portion of the software. Customers can purchase merchandise, personal training packages, group classes, or pay membership fees all with ease.

There is no information currently available on the GoMotive website in regards to the ability to accept payments. The site states that users are able to sell online training, but it makes no mention of how transactions are made or if there are other billable services from the app.

Listed below are some other ways to generate revenue and engage members with your business.

Sell Pre-Built, Single Workout Plans (Mike Boyle)

Personal training or custom designed workout plans offer many benefits, but they may not necessarily be for everyone. Some members might already have a good base of fitness knowledge and want a more generic plan that helps them generate ideas and gives them something to follow.

Exercise.com gives you the chance to sell pre-built workout plans for members who might fall into this scenario. They may not be comfortable paying for personal training or asking for a custom plan, but by having pre-built plans available, you are offering a tool that they can use to be successful while generating revenue for your business. The great thing is that the same plan can be purchased by dozens of different people, meaning that it carries a high value for your business.

Deliver Automated Custom Programming (Dean Sommerset, AMPD)

For the clients who do want a customized program, your business is able to charge a premium price, but that normally dictates a higher time commitment from the individual generating the program. Exercise.com helps to save this time by providing automated programming delivery.

Rather than having to take the time to send a new workout at the end of each cycle, the workouts can all be created in advance and be set to be automatically delivered to the client when the right time comes up.

Deliver Automated Monthly Programming (PJF Performance)

This feature can be especially useful for members who are interested in your pre-built programs. Having an option for them to receive a new workout every month is a great way to keep a steady stream of revenue for your business while also keeping workouts fresh for your clients.

The automation aspect of this programming means that your trainers don’t have to sort through a list of clients every month who need a new workout sent to them. Instead, these workouts are automatically sent. Your clients enjoy the workouts and your business enjoys the profits.

Deliver Annual Programming (Barbell Physio)

Some clients at your facility might be committed to a long-term goal. For these individuals, it could be beneficial to try to sign them up for an annual program. You can provide them with a year’s worth of workouts and your business will receive a year’s worth of one person’s sales all at one time.

A great feature of this type of programming is that, by setting your client up for success, you are also showcasing your business to them. Once they see how you can help with their goals, they have the potential to sign up for another annual program or potentially make use of other services you offer.

Deliver Workout of the Day Memberships (Madeline Moves)

The concept of having a workout of the day has been made popular by CrossFit, but you can certainly make the idea work for your business. Providing the options for clients to receive a daily workout is a great way to make sure your business is on their mind every day, especially since the workouts can be customized to include your logo or other types of branding.

Feeling the need to complete the workout every day might seem like a burden for people, at first, but in time it will become a part of their routine. When this happens, they will see progress and the credit will be to the workouts provided by your facility.

Run Workout Challenges (Madeline Moves)

Fitness businesses promote a sense of community, whether intentionally or unintentionally. People see the same faces several days per week, develop friendships, and share in the success of others. By running a workout challenge, you are providing an opportunity for members to engage with others as a team or in friendly competition. The more your business feels like a community, the more members will want to tell their friends about it. This is an amazing marketing opportunity for your fitness business.

Performance Assessments

Having a set of baseline measurements helps your clients to see the progress they have made, as well as areas where they might need to shift more focus. After all, it’s impossible to know whether a goal has been reached unless you know the starting point.

GoMotive offers a dynamic movement screening to its users, however, this assessment is pre-built and not customizable for each client.

If you had a new member walk into your facility and express that their goal is to run a marathon, it would not be useful to assess how many push-ups this individual can perform. Using Exercise.com’s software, you can customize your assessments to pertain to each individual that comes through your door. This way, they can personally measure their progress, rather than trying to sift through information obtained through invalid tests.

The Value of Assessments

Your business and your clients can both derive value from assessments. From a business standpoint, this is a service you can charge for, and the information you receive can be used to make recommendations regarding other services you offer. For the client, the information obtained in the assessment gives them a baseline to use when evaluating their progress.

Complete Assessments for Clients

You will, undoubtedly, have clients with any number of goals when they enter your facility. Because Exercise.com provides customizable assessments, you are able to individually and fully assess anyone who wants this service. If one client has a weight loss goal and another wants to put on muscle mass, it would be impractical to give them both the same tests within an assessment.

Instead, individualize the assessments to provide a complete experience that is useful for your clients and your business.

Automate Client Engagement With Assessments

No business ever wants to lose a client, and fitness businesses are no exception. You can keep your clients engaged with your business by automating your interactions with them. Reminding them of their goals and progress is a great way to keep them coming in, and being able to automate this service saves you time.

Exercise.com’s performance health software allows you to deliver recurring assessments, progress photos, and measurements to promote client re-engagement and retention.

GoMotive Software Pricing

The price for GoMotive software, which is essentially the CoachFit app, is fairly straightforward. For $24 per month, the app provides the following services:

  • CoachFit App
  • CoachFit Web App
  • Dynamic Movement Screening
  • Full Game Plan Library
  • Workout Templates

None of these services are overly specific, and it is difficult to know exactly what you are getting from each of them.

GoMotive Software Competitors

The fitness industry is always changing and, because of this, there will always be new competitors entering the field thinking that can provide a better or less expensive product. Featured below is a table listing some of GoMotive’s competitors. Please note that all prices are based on currently available information at the time of writing this article.

Competitor Minimum Base Price Maximum Base Price
Trainerize Free $270/mon
PushPress Free $139/mon
TrueCoach $19/mon $99/mon
Glofox $110/mon N/A

The Bottom Line: Pros and Cons

When picking software to help manage your fitness business, the choice is ultimately up to you. You have to decide what features you need to make your business successful, and which ones aren’t necessary for you.

With Exercise.com, you have the benefit of choosing software that is fully customizable. You don’t have to pick the closest option off of a menu of pricing tiers. Instead, you can build whatever your business needs and you won’t have to pay for things that it doesn’t need.

We think the choice is clear — but the choice is still yours. Let’s review.

GoMotive Cons

GoMotive built an app, called CoachFit, that is most applicable to personal trainers. Even though trainers might find parts of this service useful, there is a large section of the fitness industry that is alienated and unable to use it. Facilities offering membership, merchandise sales, and other services would have to utilize additional software in order to meet all of the needs of their business.

In addition, this app seems to follow the saying “you get what you pay for.” The price tag is relatively low, however, the features are reflective of the price. It is difficult to ascertain the exact function of many of the features, but from what is promoted on the GoMotive website, there is limited function to the app beyond an exercise library and workout templates. Also, according to some users, the app lacks certain features, including the ability to communicate via video.

Exercise.com Pros

Exercise.com provides absolutely everything your business needs because it can be fully customized. You can design your workout templates, exercise library, video database, point of sale system, group fitness schedule, and so much more. There is literally nothing you can miss out on because you can choose everything you need and even include things you may want in the future.

You are also able to promote your business through the custom branded website and app offered by Exercise.com. You want to market your business any way you can and being able to have your brand on the screens potential customers view the most is invaluable.

Now that you have all the details, you can make an informed decision about the needs of your business. You have many options when choosing software to run your business, but we feel Exercise.com can provide the most benefit.

Can you see the ways in which Exercise.com can help make your fitness business successful?

If, after reading this article, you are interested in trying Exercise.com for yourself, request a demo today.


Who are you guys, anyway?

The team at Exercise.com solves a major problem — how to grow your business without wasting time and losing money. We work with the real, confident decision makers — the best of the best — like James Harrison (Steelers great), Don Saladino, D1 Training, Fairchild Sports Performance, and Freestyle Connection — and offer our all-in-one fitness business software to simplify managing your business. The team at Exercise.com solves a major problem — how to grow your business without wasting time and losing money. We work with the real, confident decision makers — the best of the best — like Steelers great James Harrison, Don Saladino, D1 Training, Fairchild Sports Performance, and Freestyle Connection — and offer our all-in-one fitness business software to simplify managing your business.

What sets you apart from your competitors?

We turbocharge your business with our all-in-one fitness business software that’s custom branded for your business.• Efficiently schedule, view, and manage all appointments and classes — including by trainer, location, and service — with easy options for scheduling recurring events and availability.• Save time creating workouts with our simple workout plan creator and exercise manager and built-in integrations, tools, and more.• Sell your training three ways – group subscriptions, individualized training, and single workout plans – to increase revenue inside and outside your training walls.• Take clients through your custom assessments to automatically deliver personalized workouts based on the data important to their success.

Why not pay for custom development?

So many things could go wrong when building custom-branded apps. It’s also expensive, takes years to develop, and requires trust with your developers. We have a proven track record delivering apps for top trainers around the world and remove the risks present when doing it on your own.

What if I’m not technical?

You don’t need to be. Our dev team will build your custom-branded apps and take care of all the technical stuff so you can focus on what you do best.

What if I don’t have a following?

Engaging the followers you have is paramount because you can instantly convert engaged followers into paying clients with your all-in-one fitness business software.

Is it hard to set up?

No, it’s very easy. All you need to do is follow our success team’s proven process. We will deliver your custom-branded, all-in-one fitness business software, and you can do what you do best!

What if I wait to implement this solution?

If you wait, you will leave a lot of opportunity on the table to save time as you scale and manage your business with all-in-one software to engage and retain your clients. Whether you’re looking to bill customers on a recurring basis, single session, or package basis, do it all with a fully integrated, secure platform that can support in-person and online payments. This is a high-quality problem to solve. You shouldn’t wait to solve it.

What exactly do I get?

You get all-in-one fitness business software that does everything you need. No more having one software solution for doing personal training, another for booking and scheduling, something else for client assessments, and yet another pricey subscription for marketing and client communication. And then there are custom-branded iOS & Android apps. If you’re tired of paying too much for too many moving parts, stop the hacks and demo the Exercise.com all-in-one fitness business software today. This all-in-one fitness business software will save you time running your business, handle everything in one place, provide endless opportunities to engage and retain your clients, and allow you to sell workout plans.

Will this really work for me?

Yes. We have a proven track record with fitness professionals like Ashley Borden, Just-Train, PJF Performance, Madeline Moves, and Fit Thrive. Our all-in-one fitness business software will allow you to grow your business as much as you want.

What are the next steps?

The next step is simple. Click “Get a Price” anywhere on this page and schedule a call with one of our team members.

Will this integrate with my other software?

Our software integrates with a variety of other software including Zapier, Stripe, YouTube, Vimeo, MailChimp, MyFitnessPal, ConvertKit, and more.

What if I don’t have the budget?

This is an all-in-one fitness business software that allows you to grow your business as much as you’d like. You should strike while the iron is hot by investing in a workout platform that will help you scale your business, earn more revenue, retain and engage your clients, and save you time running your business.

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